Chairman’s Message

“Our past is not only behind us, but also within us.”

David Ben Gurion


For hundreds of years, the magnificent Jewish communities flourished in the Carpathians (a.k.a. Закарпатье, Podkarpatska Rus, Karpatalya, Transkarpatia).

Their memory is precious to us, and we must bear their banner.

This website will be a memorial of those magnificent, once flourishing communities. It is the best way to perpetuate the memories of these communities and their members – memories from our ancestral homes, shared in stories and documents.

We currently try to gather information on the life of the communities in the period before World War II and in the days of Communist Ukraine.

The site will bequeath to future generations the wonderful heritage and the collective memory of the communities of the Jews of Carpatho-Rus throughout the generations.