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“For as often as I speak of him, I do earnestly remember him still”

Adler Zvi Jehuda
Berger Ilona
Bobijar Marija
Davidovich Zlata Mirjam
Deitch Chaja
Deitch Sma`ja Sem
Falk Shmuel
Fogel Avraham
Forkosh Hersh
Forkosh Rivka
Forkosh Avraham Moshe
Fridman Alexander (Shoni)
Gilai Bracha
Grinbeger Ester
Haftman Nachum
Hershkovich Helena
Hoffman Chava
Holender Malka
Holender Bernard (Dov)
Ilovich Chana
Ingerman Srul Anchel
Kamenski Klari
Katz Mordechaj
Katz Irena
Kohn Josef David
Kunic Ida
Leizer LiLi
Liba Judit-ida
Liberman Rivka
Michli Shmuel-Shmelke
Moskovich Moshe Zvi
Newman Miklosh-Menachem
Poper Golda
Shmilovich Eliezer
Tendler Klara
Valenstejn Gabriela
Veig Dvora
Veis Katarina
Veisberg Jeshajahu
Veizer Katalin
Ya’akobovich Ester – Etyu
Ya’akobovich Josef
Yonovich Brana
Zelikovic Jakob Hirs

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The “Transcarpathian Jews Association”, was established by Jews who immigrated from Transcarpathia to Israel after World War II, and led by Tuvia Klein. Since its establishment, the organization’s founders acted to preserve the heritage and memory of this community. These days, however, most founders can no longer lead the association due to their age.
Therefore, a group of volunteers born after WWII decided to revive the association and established a non-profit organization dedicated to immortalizing the rich heritage of Transcarpathian Jews and the continued activity of the Association.
The memory of our beloved ones, who perished in the ghettos and concentration camps of WWII, and whom we only know from family stories, is dear to us all. We see this organization as a monument of our forefathers.

Our organization seeks to achieve the following goals:

  • A continued chain of generations – connecting the post-Holocaust generations with the heritage of Transcarpathian Jews.
  • Establishing a connection between the Association and other Transcarpathian communities, both in the region itself and abroad, as well as protection and maintenance of the Jewish cemeteries in Transcarpathia.
  • Collection of information of any kind (such as archival materials, oral testimonies, documents, and exhibits) on Transcarpathian Jewry in the past and present.
  • Historical research on subjects related to the Jews of Transcarpathia. The existing academic research on the subject did not look beyond the end of World War II. Therefore, we shall focus on the postwar period.
  • Establishment of a memorial site for all the perished Transcarpathian Jewish communities.

To promote these activities, we have developed this website. The website will include photographs, documents, testimonies, and memories about the Transcarpathian Jewish communities.
We call on everyone to express initiative and involvement, and contact us to promote the site and enrich it with content – in memory of those who are no longer with us, and for the sake of future generations.
We ask descendants of Carpathian Jews in a second and third generation to help us realize our agenda and join our association.

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